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Riverwood Neighborhood area's 66th Avenue is #3 for most crash-prone intersection in metro

posted Jul 28, 2012 03:57:04 by Mark

Where are Minnesota’s most crash-prone intersections?
No. 3: Hwy. 252 and 66th Avenue, Brooklyn Center

Impola says that the major problem at this very heavily traveled intersection is what's called a "free right turn.” The right lane swerves in a curve, allowing a driver to bypass the traffic light. Often there's a yield sign to warn the driver to slow down and take a good look before entering the new road. But some people apparently think "yield" means "go."

Complicating that problem, however, is the fact that there's a bus stop just beyond the turnoff. Cars often back up behind the bus, says Impola. Drivers coming around the curve don't see them or aren't prepared to stop, and once again, screech, bang.

Impola believes that better timing of the lights would ease the problem. Another possibility: getting rid of the "free right turn," the change MnDOT made at Hwy. 7 and Blake Road to keep cars from curving into the main road and getting bashed by oncoming traffic. However, doing that, says Hourdos, slows things down, possibly making drivers more antsy and prone to accidents.
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